Come sail and surf with us!

Feel the wind on your face, pull the sail and experience the acceleration of the multihull sailing boat. Hang loose in the trapeze, fly over the water and feel the rhythm of the sea. Ride the waves on a surfboard or a kayak. Learn about the ocean currents and the surf. It is all possible at Catamaran school Zeehelden at Wassenaarse Slag in Wassenaar!

We are the specialist in catamaran sailing at sea! Whether multihull sailing is still on your bucket list or you want to learn to sail independently, it’s all possible with us. Experienced instructors and coaches train complete beginners to sailing champions.


Youth sailing courses

Catamaranschool Zeehelden gives multihull sailing lessons for the youth. The lessons take place in series of six Sunday mornings. The courses are for every level: from beginner through advanced. Beginners will always sail with an instructor on board. The instructors all speak English and the instruction can take place in English (rigging the boat and especially on board of course). If the weather is unfavorable for sailing (too much or too little wind) there will be offered an alternative program such as surfing and bodyboarding and additional theory lessons. If all goes well the participants can obtain their Zeehelden sailing diploma. sign up


Sailing camps

During the summer vacation Catamaranschool Zeehelden organizes multihull sailing camps for children up from the age of ten years old. There will be sailing and other cool water sports activities such as sit-on-top kayaking and surfing. Experience in (multihull) sailing is not a requirement. At the end of the camp week there will be awarded Zeehelden diplomas. But the main goal is to have fun in and on the water. The experienced Zeehelden instructors provide good en safe guidance. sign up


Surf camps

Zeehelden also organizes surf summer camps for children from the age of eight years old. During the surf camps there will be surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle boarding, sit-on-top kayaking and beach games. The Zeehelden surf coaches teach the children how to brave and catch the waves of the North Sea. Water splashing fun for sure! sign up


Surf lessons

On Sunday morning the youth can take surf courses. In a series of six lessons the kids will get instruction about standing up and balancing on a surfboard. The surf coaches will give tips and tricks while the kids practice surfing the waves of the North Sea. Furthermore there will be given theory lessons about safety in the water and about currents and tides. sign up


Private lessons and group lessons

Zeehelden Catamaranschool offers multihull sailing lessons for adults. Sailing experience, whether on a catamaran or on any other sailing boat, is not required. The instructors will take into account the experience and ambition of the participant. It is possible to book private lessons for one whole day or private introductory lessons for two hours. Please make an appointment via

You can also follow a multihull sailing course. The courses for adults take place on Saturdays in May, June, July, August and September. The course spans three consecutive Saturdays. The course is for beginners and advanced (catamaran) sailors. So sign up for the course and learn to master the coolest sailboat out there on open water! sign up



Come to Zeehelden and bring your family and friends! Rent a surfboard, bodyboard, stand up paddle board or kayak! Fun Guaranteed! Catamarans can be rented under some specific conditions. Reservations must be made in advance (mail to: Otherwise you run the risk that all water sports equipment is already rented out.


Group events

Group events can be customized. Send an e-mail to to explore the possibilities.

Catamaran school Zeehelden is associated with KZVW and holds the primary goal of promoting water sports on the North Sea coast.