Come sail with us!

Feel the wind on your face, pull the sail and experience the acceleration of the multihull. Hang loose in the trapeze, fly over the water and feel the rhythm of the sea. Ride the waves on a surfboard or a kayak. Learn about the ocean currents and the surf. It is all possible at Catamaran school Zeehelden at Wassenaarse Slag, Wassenaar! We are the specialist in catamaran sailing at sea! Whether multihull sailing is still on your bucket list or you want to learn to sail independently, it’s all possible with us. Experienced instructors and coaches train complete beginners to sailing champions.

Youth sailing courses

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Sailing camps

Multihull sailing, sit-on-top kayaking and surfing for the youth sign up here >>

Surf camps

Surfing, bodyboarding, sit-on-top kayaking and beach for the youth sign up here >>

Private and group lessons

Multihull sailing for adults




can be customized.

Catamaran school Zeehelden is associated with KZVW and holds the primary goal of promoting water sports on the North Sea coast.