Private lessons at Catamaranschool Zeehelden

Introductory lesson

An introductory lesson in multihull sailing is a unique opportunity to get to know the most spectacular form of sailing. An introductory lesson takes two hours. During the lesson the material and safety at sea will be explained to you. Depending on the weather conditions and your experience you can stand in the trapeze or steer the boat.

Private lesson

A full day private lesson is from 10:00 until 17:00 hours including lunch. The training will be customized according to your experience and your sailing ambition. The lesson will surely include topics such as:
– Safety at sea
– Rigging of the boat
– Courses and position of the sail
– Balance and trapeze
– Tag and gibe
– To set sail and land through the surf
– Currents and tides

With multiple days of private lessons, the program will be broadened and the different aspects of multihull sailing will thoroughly be dealt with. Catamaranschool Zeehelden is specialized in coaching you from the level of beginner to a completely advanced multihull sailor.

For whom?

The private lessons are for beginners as well as advanced (multihull)sailors.


The lessons take place from May until October if the weather conditions are favorable. The instructors of the Catamaran school decide if the lessons can take place. If weather conditions hinder the lesson, a new date will be set.


The private lessons are given at the KZVW at the Wassenaarse Slag, Wassenaar. A 10 minute drive from the A44.


Introduction lesson (2 hours with two persons): € 95,- p.p.
Private lesson (full day with two persons): € 150,- p.p.
Private lesson (2 days with two persons): € 280,- p.p.

Private lesson (full day with one person): € 240,-
Private lesson (2 days with one persons): € 440,-

Prices include wetsuit, lifejacket, harness and safety gear. For private lessons, lunch is included.


Send an e-mail to for availibility.

Frequently asked questions

Can I give an introductory lesson or private lesson as a gift?  Yes you can. Send an email to with your personal details and those of the beneficiary. After payment of the invoice, you will receive a catamaranschool Zeehelden gift card, with the personal details of the beneficiary on it.
How many lessons do I need before I can sail on my own?  There is no simple answer to this question. The amount of lessons depends on your experience and learning abilities. The weather conditions also have great influence on safe coastal sailing. In most cases a novice multihull sailor will need at least three days of training before he or she can go safely out to sea without an instructor.

Group events

can be customized.

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Catamaran school Zeehelden is associated with KZVW and holds the primary goal of promoting water sports on the North Sea coast.