Youth sailing course | Multihull sailing for the youth

Multihull sailing on open water?
It is possible at Catamaranschool Zeehelden. On Saturdays (Scheveningen) or Sundays (Wassenaar) the youth sailing courses take place. In six days you become familiar with the most fun sport of Holland. In case of to much or to little wind, there will be an alternative programma such as surfing or bodyboarding.

For whom?

The youth sailing courses are for water fans from 10 to 18 years old. Participants must have swimming diploma B or equivilant.


The youth sailing course is held at KZVW, Wassenaarseslag,  Wassenaar and at  KZVS, zwarte pad, Scheveningen.


Sunday May 30st to July 4th (mornings) Wassenaar
Saturday May 29th to July 3rd (mornings or afternoons) Scheveningen
Sunday September 5th to October 10th (mornings) Wassenaar                                          Saturday September 4th to October 9th (mornings or afternoons) Scheveningen


The morning group sails from 10:00 – 13:00 and the afternoon group from 14:00 – 17:00.


The costs for the youth sailing courses ‘Zeehelden’ are € 265,- per course.

What else?

Catamaranschool Zeehelden has clothing and equipment available. If you have your own wetsuit, lifejacket and water shoes you can use them as well. Furthermore you should bring both swimming clothes and warm clothes.
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Catamaran school Zeehelden is associated with KZVW and holds the primary goal of promoting water sports on the North Sea coast.